Events in Las Vegas on Nov 11 2016

Looking for Events in Las Vegas on Nov 11, 2016? Look no further! Discover a hidden jem, a classy Hole in the Wall Bar that will become your after-work, nightime, holiday, sports, and gaming hangout. No one in Las Vegas takes care of their customers the way Sagos Tavern on Fort Appache does! If you’re a regular customer then you know that Sagos treats their customers “The Way Old Vegas Used To”.

And if you’ve never been to Sagos Tavern…? NOW is your chance to try the party atmosphere with FREE food and drink specials from 7pm until midnight.

Looking for Events in Las Vegas on Nov 11 2016?

This is the celebration that you’ve been looking for. Sagos Tavern wants to thank all of our regular customers and invite new friends to visit us at  4790 South Fort Apache Rd, Las Vegas, 89147.

Searching for Party Events in Las Vegas on Nov 11, 2016?  This party starts at 7pm and ends at midnight. We’re featuring Free Food, Drink and Gaming Specials, and music by DJ Leman.

Events in Las Vegas on Nov 11 2016

Party with Free Food, Drink Specials, Gaming Specials, and Music by DJ Leman

We Hope to See You There!

It’s a Cinco de Mayo Celebration! Come On.. Join In!

Don’t Stay Home This Thursday! Get to Sagos Tavern

Thursday May 5th 2016 at Sagos Tavern!
Join us Thursday for the festivities and specials!

We will have:

$3 dos Equis $3 coronas $5 quervo margaritas $4 partida shots

and $8 chimichangas! And don’t leave without our chicken tortilla soup!

four 5’s, five of a kind and 5 spots will spin the wheel!!

Get more at Sagos Tavern!! Like Old Vegas Used To”

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