Sagos Players Club

Is It A New Idea? Or Old?

The idea behind the Sagos Players Club isn’t new. In fact, its Old, as in OLD LAS VEGAS OLD. You’ve been around awhile you have seen it, the gaming industry has changed. Larger casinos, mega-casinos needing billions of dollars coming in to support that huge overhead. It’s been good for our city, bringing in visitors from all over the world…

But what about us – the locals?

Do you remember when gambling was fun? A social event?  You met your friends after work, got happy hour prices,  and when you put money into a machine, you got something.

It's more than loose slots!

  • Its the friendly atmosphere
  • Servers genuinely happy that you won
  • Players Club Rewards you can use
  • Specials, Exclusive Offers
  • Generous FREE Play, Comps & Giveaways
  • and how about that Cruise to Cabo !?

And here’s a crazy idea…
What if you got real value for your entertainment?

But what about us - the locals?

Do you remember when gambling was fun? A social event? You met your friends after work, got happy hour prices, and when you put money into a machine, you got something.

Take Sagos With You

Book Our Room -OR- We Will Cater Yours

How Do I Join?

It All Starts by Visiting Our Bartender or Server at Sagos Baja Tavern & Lounge.

Players Club Rules

The Sagos Players Club is a privilege granted to customers who abide by the policies of Sagos. Membership is available to persons who satisfy the following criteria:

  1. Sagos Players Club membership is available to anyone 21 years of age or older with a valid photo ID.
  2. By participating in Sagos Players Club, members agree to accept all rules set forth by Sagos Players Club.
  3. Sagos Players Club members are solely responsible for obtaining proper gaming ratings by properly inserting their card into designated slot machines.
  4. Members are allowed one account only. Accounts and membership benefits are non-transferable and must be redeemed in person with valid photo identification at a Sagos Tavern property. Sagos is not liable for lost or stolen cards, or unauthorized use of cards. Tracked gaming, points, comp dollars, Free Slot Play, and other promotions are subject to verification.
  5. Members are responsible for promptly notifying Sagos Players Club of all name, address, or e-mail changes, in writing or in person.
  6. All comp dollars and free slot play earned vary based on game type and machine.
  7. Comp dollars and free slot play do not have cash value and may not be substituted.
  8. Inactivity (no rated play or comp dollars/points redeemed) for a 6-month period will result in forfeiture of any and all point and comp dollar/free slot play balances.
  9. An active Sagos Players Club Card and a matching photo ID are required to redeem free slot play and/or comp dollars. A photo ID may be requested at any time to verify membership.
  10. Errors in point or comp dollar awards or tabulations are void.
  11. If any of the preceding rules are found to be invalid, all other rules shall remain in effect.
  12. Some Sagos Tavern employees may be eligible for Sagos Players Club membership, but may not be eligible for all privileges. See Sagos Management for details.
  13. Membership in Sagos Players Club is a privilege and may be refused, canceled or revoked at any time at the sole discretion of Sagos. Unredeemed comp dollars and/or points shall be forfeited and eliminated upon cancellation or revocation of membership. Sagos reserves the right to change or cancel Sagos Players Club or its rules at any time without notice.
  14. Use of the Sagos Players Club Card indicates acceptance of the rules of Sagos Players Club.
  15. Sagos Players Club must have a verified and valid mailing address for a player to have an active account.

Please note: Points and promotions expire in 180 days.

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